The initiator of the creation of Formula E was the International Automobile Federation (FIA). The organization believes that the championship will make it possible to popularize electric cars, and will also become a testing ground for developing the latest technologies in the field of mechanical engineering. According to the head of the FIA ​​Jean Todt, the series will demonstrate the desire of the federation to use “clean energy”.

London-based Formula E Holdings Limited will deal with organizational issues and leadership of the championship. Its executive director is the head of the Addax team of the GP2 youth series, Alejandro Agag, who also runs his own investment company, Addax Capital LLP. The main business of Agag was established in 2006 and is also located in the capital of Great Britain. An important point is the gradation of the power of the power unit Spark-Renault SRT_01E, depending on the session. In training and qualifications, the engine will operate at full capacity, while in the race the return will be reduced to about 200 forces. In this case, three pilots in each race will be able to get the so-called FanBoost – a five-second increase in power by 40 forces. Choose the lucky ones will be on the official website of the series by popular voting between the stages.

What riders will go?

First, Formule EF01 from Formulec was homologated for Formula E. However, it was then decided to act on the Spark-Renault SRT_01E race cars, which debuted in the spring of 2013. It was originally planned that Formula E will not become a mono-series, and each team will be able to make their cars. However, in the first year, all participants of the championship will fly the same race cars: Spark-Renault SRT_01E. The construction of the car was carried out by Spark Racing Technology, created by the founder of the ART Grand Prix racing team, Frederick Vasse. The creation of the chassis was entrusted to the company Dallara, which serves almost all the leading youth series. Motor 270 horsepower provided by McLaren. Spark-Renault SRT_01E batteries were created in Williams, a five-speed gearbox with fixed gear ratios in Hewland and special all-weather tires in Michelin.

DS Virgin Racing: part of history

In the future, we should expect high speeds and all the most extraordinary. The FIA ​​Formula E Championship, launched in 2014, belongs to the car racing class, in which only electric vehicles can take part. These are 100% of the drive and 0% of harmful exhausts. It’s an exciting race, paving the way to a new, better world, guaranteed to charge you with energy. The letter “E” in the race name means “energy”, “electricity”, “ecology”, “engineering” and “entertainment”. This is more than a race. This unique combination of technology, sports, science, design and even music anticipates the glorious future of the world of motor sports and more. The drive, high speed and excitement of the race here are materialized in the carbon fiber used in aviation, aluminum and Kevlar. The combination of innovation and enthusiasm creates almost unlimited possibilities. Drivers pick up speed from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in three seconds. By the way, this year will be the first world championship among cars without a driver, opening a new page in the history of motor racing. No exhaust, no fuel, no smell of burnt rubber. The air will remain clean and transparent, which, however, will not reduce the heat of passion during the race. TAG Heuer is the partner and founder of this unique sporting event, which is gaining popularity and accelerating the advent of a bright future.

Formula E conquers cyberspace

Racing series on electric cars with open wheels earned credibility in the world of motor racing. Voices of skeptics in relation to the “Formula E” sound all quieter. In addition, the series is used to amaze the audience. In addition to the race on the city tracks, another significant event was added to the program for the season 2016/17. As part of the International Consumer Electronics Show, which will be held in Las Vegas from January 5 to January 8, a virtual race will take place. All 20 Formula E pilots will take part in it, as well as 10 fans. The latter will be selected through an online series of qualifying events. The virtual route, which participants will pass through, will be laid through the heart of the city – the Las Vegas Strip. Game chairs will be installed in the Venetian hotel.

A prize fund of $ 1 million has been awarded for the race. This amount will be the largest in the history of racing e-sports. The winner will earn 200 thousand dollars, the second winner – 100 thousand, the third – 50 thousand. Each participant will receive a minimum of 20 thousand dollars. Additional money can be earned for pole position and fast lap. The head of Formula E, Alejandro Agag, did not rule out that in the future, pilots and teams will be able to earn points for the real championship for the virtual race.

At this, the experiments of the third season will not end. Formula E will finally have a series of support. As part of the starting stage in Hong Kong, the first race in history will take place with the participation of 16 bodywork electric cars called e-Touring Car Challenge. It will feature 11 local veteran pilots along with five celebrities of this special administrative region of China. With interest, the world of motor racing is waiting for the debut of the Roborace – a series in which electric drone vehicles will perform. It was planned to hold the first stage already in Hong Kong, but the start of full races was postponed until next year. According to the organizers, this will be a competition of designers working under a given technical regulation. Instead of the race in Hong Kong, a demonstration performance of the DevBot will be held. This prototype was successfully tested in August on the track in the British Donington. The machine can be controlled both by the driver inside it and by the computer without the participation of the pilot.

Another significant event of the third season of Formula E is the increase in the presence of well-known manufacturing companies. True, most of them still act as partners. Shortly before the start of the season, BMW began working with Andretti, Renault working with Dams, Audi with ABT, Citroen with Virgin, etc. The British immediately joined the trend and made their ambassador Noodle, the fictional Japanese guitar player of the virtual musical group Gorillaz. Another largest manufacturer of Mercedes has reserved for itself one of two places that will appear in the championship after increasing the number of participating teams to 12 in the season 2018/19.

Nico Rosberg, Formula 1 World Champion and Formula E investor, drives the Formula E track car.

As part of the pilots in the third Formula E Championship, there are still a lot of former Formula 1 race participants – seven people. However, there is a tendency to reduce their number. The main loss of the off-season was the departure from the Brazilian Bruno Senna series, the nephew of legendary three-time Formula 1 world champion Ayrton Senna. Also Swiss Simon de Silvestro will not act in the “Formula E” that means that the championship will begin for the first time without the participation of female racers. The most interesting newcomer to the series is 33-year-old Argentinean Jose Maria Lopez. Almost from the move, having won three consecutive world title in the WTCC, he leaves this body series with Citroen. But South American has not participated in racing cars for 10 years already! So his debut will be intriguing. Another interesting newcomer “Formula E” – ex-GP3 champion New Zealander Mitch Evans. The calendar of the season has undergone significant changes. It returned to the race in Monaco and included five new cities at once – Hong Kong, Marrakesh, Brussels, New York and Montreal. For the first time in history, the race “Formula E” will be held in Africa. Also, the two stages will be double at the finish of the season, and not one, as in previous years.

Formula E has announced the best race winners in its history.

Half of them are former pilots “F-1”. Four of them even became champions. The electric series “Formula E” summed up the results of the first four years of its existence before a radical change in the rules – it released a video on YouTube channel about the best race winners in its history. Half of them turned out to be former Formula 1 pilots.

  1. António Felix da Costa has 41 start, 1 podium, 1 win and 109 points. The former driver of the Red Bull system is the only one in the history of the series who has won only one race. He did it in the first season in Buenos Aires – and only one last lap was in the lead! And after that, he no longer fell on the podium.
  2. Jerome D’Ambrosio has 45 starts, 2 quick laps, 2 poles, 7 podiums, 2 wins and 236 points. The former racer “Marousi” and “Lotus” became the first twice – each time after the disqualification of the winner in the race Lucas di Grassi.
  3. Daniel Abt has 45 starts, 5 quick laps, 2 poles, 8 podiums, 2 wins and 287 points. Despite taking part in each race, “F E”, Abt first won only in the fourth season. And besides the victory in Mexico City and Berlin, he was still disqualified in Hong Kong.
  4. Nelson Piquet has 45 starts, 4 quick laps, 1 pole, 5 podiums, 2 wins, 236 points and 1 championship title. Two victories and five podiums made the former Renault driver the first champion in the history of Formula E. The first victory in Long Beach took place on the day of the 35th anniversary of his father’s first victory in F-1.
  5. Felix Rosenquist has 24 starts, 3 quick laps, 6 poles, 7 podiums, 3 wins and 223 points. It was he who, in his debut season, brought the first victory in the history of Mahindra. In the fourth season, he won two more races, but if it were not for the mistakes and the unreliability of the car, he would definitely have been the first more often.
  6. Niko Prost has 45 starts, 3 quick laps, 3 poles, 5 podiums, 3 wins and 305 points. Prost won once in the first season in Miami and twice in the second, in London. He earned points in each race of the third season, but in the fourth he was only 19th overall.
  7. Jean-Eric Vergne has 43 starts, 1 quick lap, 8 poles, 15 podiums, 5 wins, 441 points and 1 championship title. Former racer “Toro Rosso” the only one in the history of Formula E took pole for three different teams. However, all five of his victories took place for “Tech” in the last season – they allowed him to become a champion.
  8. Sam Bird has 45 starts, 5 quick laps, 4 poles, 15 podiums, 7 wins and 456 points. Sam spent all four seasons for “Virgin.” He – the only pilot “F. E” winning in its composition. Only he and Lucas di Grassi won the race in each season of the electric series.
  9. Lucas di Grassi has 45 starts, 4 fast laps, 3 poles, 27 podiums, 8 wins, 611 points and 1 championship title. The stability of the former Formula One driver in the Virgin allowed him to win the most podiums and points in the history of F.E. In the fourth season, he generally set a record, finishing seven times in a row in the top 3.
  10. Sebastian Buemi has 43 starts, 7 fast laps, 11 poles, 21 podiums, 12 wins, 580 points and 1 championship title. The former pilot of Toro Rosso remains the champion of the series of races won – even despite the lack of victories in the last season. In the third season, he set another F-E record for the first places (six pieces) – but then he failed to win the title.